Rebecca Rivera

Freelance CW/Occasional CD Greater NYC area

I help brands connect with their people when, where, and how people want to be connected with. Scroll on to learn more.

I help brands find their people. How? By figuring out what story will matter to the customers a brand wants to attract and then telling that story through content people actually want, in places people already are.
The story can be 140 characters or thousands of words in length. Some stories are best told in a video. Others at a live event. In an airport. In a blog post. App. Emoji. Gif. VR experience. Or a full blown campaign that includes all of the above.
But no matter how long or short or experiential or static, the story must be worth telling and worth talking about.
Sometimes it takes an entire team to tell the story. That’s where the Creative Director part comes in. I love bringing out the best in people, in an inclusive environment that makes the work good and the team happy.
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