HBO Facebook app

HBO was having trouble getting the WWF and Cage Fight crowd to watch their Pay Per View boxing matches. So they asked us to develop a Facebook application that let people beat the crap out of each other -- virtually of course. This is the opening screen of the Dream Fight Facebook application.

Step 1: choose whose ass you want to kick. Select their photo and they show up ready for action in the next screen.

Chances are your friend won't be smiling for long!

Whipped his ass good! Who's next?

The program components: the application, blogger videos and a sweepstakes.


HBO’s butt is getting kicked by Ultimate Fighting, TNA, etc. To help get younger viewers interested in old-school boxing, HBO decided to do a Facebook application. We concepted and developed this app and got it up on Facebook in time to promote a major PPV boxing match. It managed to get well over 1 million social media impressions.




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