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Downy's homepage hadn't changed in quite awhile when I started working on the account. Now it's refreshed frequently to highlight new products and appeal to a wider variety of consumers, as you can see in these homepage examples.

Another Downy homepage iteration highlighting the Downy Olympics program and fabric softener products.

The ever changing Downy site.

I was at Digital Influence Group when we created infoboom, an IBM community where business leaders validate, network & share insights around IT-related issues. This is the home page, circa February 2011.

The program components.

A site is only as good as its content. This social object/infographic illustrates how some of the worst security threats might be coming from within an organization’s walls.

Pevonia is a skin care company that offers spa quality products. On this home page, as the gif animation resolves, skin care problems disappear as the solution (headline) is presented.

Women are prompted to request a free skincare video analysis, or if they already know what they need, to pick a basic or customized regimen.

For this website announcing the availability of a new group of residences in a privileged and serene corner of Washington DC, I created brand messaging that expresses confident, understated luxury.

Viagra was initially considered a failure because it didn’t work for its original purpose – heart disease. But scientists knew they were onto something when the men in the clinical trial kept showing up. This site is for a company that specializes in repositioning drugs that didn’t work for one condition but might work for another.


I’ve written and creative directed car websites, coffee websites, technology websites, health care websites, skincare websites, biotech websites, real estate websites, telecom websites, financial services websites, consumer electronics websites, pro bono websites… not to mention social platforms, blogs, video content, banner campaigns, widgets, facebook apps, twitter profiles, mobile sites, edirect campaigns, etc.


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