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A few spreads from a brand brochure/PDF for Bishop’s, a fancy prep school in La Jolla, California.

The theme of this brochure was "Live to Learn" and each spread shows how truly passionate students feel about the subjects they study and the school they attend.

UPPAbaby makes strollers that make parents lives easier. Here are a few spreads from a brand book that explains why UPPA sweats the small stuff.

A spread about why it’s smart to think small.

A spread about why customer service is huge at UPPAbaby.

Rear cover that wraps it all up.

Poster encouraging DDB staffers to bring their kids to work to see what their mommies and daddies do all day.

This brochure was for the first American-made electric car, the GMEV. I was lucky enough to be one of the writers on the brochure and to be the Creative Director and writer of the website. The campaign won many, many awards. The car itself, though, was killed off by GM. Go figure. My favorite headline from this piece: "It changed everything."

I’ve written boat loads of car brochures for (among others) Lexus, Hyundai, Saturn, Infiniti, Nissan, Isuzu, Honda, GMC and Kia.

This was the first ad of a print campaign for Trizetto, a healthcare IT company.
Headline: "Do health plans have the muscle to whip the healthcare system into shape? They do now."
Body copy: "Healthcare IT gives health plans the power to make healthcare work the way it should for patients and doctors. Together, we’re connecting everyone so they get the care they deserve and the payment they require. Health plans and healthcare IT. Unbeatable Together."

Print campaign for Trizetto, a healthcare IT company. Headline: "What if patients could shop for an OB/GYN the way they shop for everything else?"
Body copy: "Choosing an obstetrician is serious business. With our help, patients can now comparison shop for doctors just like they shop for any other service or product. Health plans and healthcare IT. Unbeatable Together."

Print campaign for Trizetto, a healthcare IT company. Headline: "You'd gladly pay on Tuesday for what you consumed last Friday. But doctors have bills to pay, too."

Tech advertising doesn't have to be dull. Print ad for JD Edwards.
Headline: "toothpick > jackhammer"
Subhead: "In supply chain management, using the right tool at the right time is greater than using the biggest tool in your box every time."

Not dull JD Edwards Ad #2
Headline: "wedding > shotgun"
Subhead: "In supply chain management, using the right tools to marry your processes is greater than trying to force them to work together."

This ad was part of an award winning campaign for Heal The Bay, an L.A. nonprofit that tries to keep Angelenos from dumping stuff in the gutter because everything they toss goes straight into the bay. We created a whole new identity, ads, bus shelters and direct mail. Headline of this ad: "Hey butthead, the world is not your ashtray."

This ad for Sun Microsystems encouraged small businesses to attend a conference in 2002 that would help them get ready for the boom that was sure to come after the bust. Sound familiar? Headline: "What goes down must come up." Subhead: "Get ready."

Many small businesses go under because they spend all their time putting out fires instead of staying true to their vision. This ad invited small business owners to attend a conference that would help them stay focused and take things to the next level. Headline: "Want to be big?" Subhead: "Think big."

This campaign for DS waters targeted moms who wanted to make their baby's formula with the purest water possible.
Headline: "Start them off right with water as pure as they are."

Ad #2 in the DS nursery water campaign.
Headline: "Your baby would ask for it if he could."

Ad #3 in the DS nursery water campaign.
Headline: "Made purely with your baby in mind."


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