Direct and eDirect

This bunny was part of an Ameriquest shape mail campaign directed at credit card holders paying high interest rates.

Front Headline: "What happens when you only make the minimum payment on your high-interest credit cards?"
Rear headline: "Your debt multiplies."

To make this piece as cute as it was informative, we attached a letter to the bunny's rear.

Ameriquest package #2 invited credit card holders paying high interest rates to use their home equity to refinance.
Headline: "You are here. When you finally pay off your high-interest rate credit cards, you'll be here."

This self mailer's purpose in life was simply to get folks to push the MSN button on their desktop. It worked.
Headline: "Do not push. Push."
Things to not push include a nuclear missile launcher, the soft spot on a baby's head and a rotary phone.

Customized postcard series for JD Edwards, selling their CRM capabilities.
(Kid with frog) "We're a perfect fit, John."
(British solidiers) "Our software comes with bodies attached."
(Farmer w/tomato) "Make the most of what you've got, John."

1 of 3 packages for JD Edwards urging clients to use JDE's CRM abilities. The headline for this package: "Mindmeld with your customers every chance you get." The first 2 packages were multi-page and chock full of business value rationale. The 3rd package was a tin of mints that asked whether the best way to keep your clients is to give them candy...

Wrote a series of emails for this LED lighting company inviting their customers to visit them at a conference.

An email inviting Trizetto's customers to sit in on a healthcare IT webinar.


As long as people have mailboxes and inboxes, there will be Direct and eDirect. The bad news is that most of what ends up there is drek. The good news is that the creative bar is set very low. :)
When writing direct/eDirect I try to do two things: make people open the piece and make them smile or think. If I manage to do both of these, chances are the response rate won’t suck.


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