Downy Olympics Integrated Campaign

Downy's Little Champions program built on P&G's Olympic "Thank you Mom" campaign by reminding us that every Olympic champion started out as someone's little boy or girl.

We took over the Downy home page and peppered mentions of the program throughout the site.

The promotions page.

The customized Twitter profile page.

Facebook ads helped spread the word.

Shareable videos featuring children playing sports were posted to the customized Olympic YouTube page along with iMedia units.

Standard iMedia placed on other sites invited parents to celebrate their Little Champions.

On Facebook, Downy invited parents to upload a photo of their child, along with a story, for a chance to win a trip to the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Timeline cover photo.

FB landing page for the Little Champions.

Parents could upload and share their Little Champion’s story with friends and family.

P&G chose 10 finalists and the public voted on who should win the trip to the London Olympic Games.


Downy (P&G)


Integrated social & digital program