#PartyWithPOTUS Experiential

Every college has a few famous alums. As it happens, my classmate was Barack Obama, aka POTUS 44. So when our class reunion rolled around, what better way to celebrate than to #partywithPOTUS. This is just 1 of 3 limited edition posters created to commemorate the event. (Designed by David Reed.)

Every copy of this poster was snapped up, including the one that was affixed to "The Presidential Suite" aka Barack Obama's dorm room.

Democrats and Republicans alike were invited to #PartyWithPOTUS.

Obama had some pesky National Security meeting he had to attend instead of coming to the Reunion. So we had to make due with a stand in: this amazingly realistic life-sized cut out.

Obama's stand-in inspects The Presidential Suite, aka Barry's old dorm room.

We took POTUS with us everywhere we went during Reunion weekend and weren't surprised to find that everyone wanted a photo op.

Here I am with my man, Barry.

No one could pass up a picture with the President.

Every Reunion class has souvenirs. We had campaign buttons. Designed by David Reed.

The designer, David Reed, made brilliant use of Obama's campaign iconography.

I created a Facebook page about a month before the event and uploaded vintage photos and information about the Reunion. This page has now become a hub of online activity for members of the Class of '83.

While at the Reunion I tweeted a shout-out to POTUS.

I wasn't the only one who tweeted @BarackObama asking him to join us.

In the weeks leading up to the Reunion, I tweeted @BarackObama to try to convince him to show up.

It all started with a letter to the White House asking Barry to be our special guest at the Reunion.


When my college asked me to organize Class of '83s Reunion, how could I say no. Especially when I knew I could make hay with the fact that Barack Obama, aka POTUS (President Of The United States) was our classmate.


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