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My students at Quinnipiac University told me they felt a ton of pressure to choose the right job when they graduated. So I spoke with in-house and agency ad pros to help them choose the path that’s right for them. Read the post at

For the average human, being confronted with all of the latest devices available for a smart home can be headache inducing. Read this post to find out how Koncerted can pair the tech you need with the life you live.

This Medium post is about the exponential power of mentoring.

TSA pre-check and Global Entry, which make getting through security easier, used to be free. Read the full post to find out why they’re worth paying for

Talent is key to every creative business. In this article, published in The Drum and on the Token Man blog, I interviewed Rob Schwartz about why it’s lunacy to ignore 50% of the talent pool.

Most conferences are a whole lot of talk and not much action. In this article, I wrote about how to turn conference goers into conference doers.

In this piece, I wrote about how funny thing happens when you help others get what they want. They help you.

Whether you’re just starting out, climbing the ladder, or at the very top rung, having someone to bounce ideas and questions off of is invaluable. Read the full post at:

People buy Apple products because they’re awesome. But also because Apple is a brand that doesn’t just stand out. It stands for something. Read the post at:

Some brands still don’t get that Social is a way to find your people. But first you have to come as you are. This is an archived blog post. But I’m happy to send you a link if you’d like to read the entire post.

Social common sense for brands who don’t understand why they should talk to people where they already are. Archived post.


I’ve written posts and articles for many clients and publications. Here are just a few of my most recent pennings.